Referrals and the Chiropractic Lifestyle

Who have you told today?

When you tell a friend about chiropractic, you offer encouragement. When you tell a work associate about chiropractic, you offer direction. When you tell a loved one about chiropractic, you offer hope.

Encouragement. Direction. Hope. Each is part of the healing process. So when you tell others about the positive experience you've had in this office, you're using some of the same methods the best doctors use to promote the healing process.

This office depends upon informed patients to share the chiropractic message with others. We're counting on you to dispel the myths and overcome the incorrect notions many of your friends may have about chiropractic care.

If we can help, we will tell them. If their problem is outside the scope of our practice, we will refer them to other specialists.

A doctor is blessed by being a witness to each patient's return to health. You can experience the same joy by referring others.

Together, we make a great team.
Who do you know can benefit from chiropractic care?

We're counting on you.

As you regain your health, we're counting on you to tell others about your chiropractic experience so we can help them in the same way we're helping you.

The best way to thank your doctor is by sharing your story with others.

This office depends upon informed patients like you to tell others how well chiropractic care works.


Chiropractors are experts in the care of the bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissues that make up about 60% of your body. All of the joints in your body are part of this musculo-skeletal system and its optimal function is necessary for overall good health. Ask your Doctor of Chiropractic for more information about a care program that may include specific spinal adjustments, exercise recommendations, nutritional advice or other conservative methods of care based on your health history, age, current condition and lifestyle.


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